Meet Our Staff

Denis Marrero – Denis Marrero is a FIDE CHESS Master. He was the Cuban National Colligate Champion and ran the Cuban National Chess Academy in Havana before escaping to America. He is highly regarded as an OUTSTANDING chess instructor. We are privileged to have him as our director. He is great with children as well as adults. He is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

Russ Black – Russ is a great member of the Chess Center team. Russ is an awesome teacher whose expertise and knowledge of the game is precisely articulated in his classroom. Let Russ help strengthen your comprehension of the game of Chess.

Alan Crooks – Alan his wife Rebecca opened and support the chess center. Alan loves chess and is a great instructor for beginner students.
Daniel Taylor- Daniel is one of the “rising stars” in the Utah chess world he is very well known throughout Utah and also is a good instructor for beginners to intermediate players as well as a great match for anyone at any level.

Kelton Crooks – Kelton is 12 and a good chess player and a great help. He is a good barometer as to how good someone is at the game

Dallin Crooks – Dallin is 10 years old and can often be found working at the chess center. He is very good at evaluating a young or beginner players abilities. He is also a good instructor for those just starting out.

Kim Patraw – Kim is our official Tournament Director. She has help TD at many national events and is well known within the chess world. We are pleased to have her and her talented chess family as part of our family as well.

Susan Taylor – Susan is Daniel’s Mother. She used to help run the Chess center in Seattle, Washington, and has been a great help here as well.

Cindy Fischer – Cindy Fischer is a great volunteer that helps at our tournaments, she will likely be the first person you see on tournament days, as she supports her husband David when he plays. They come down from Cedar City. They claim not to have any relation to Bobby Fischer. ☺

Jann Kelsch – Jann serves as the Secretary/Treasurer for the Chess Center and she is honored to be part of such a wonderful addition to the community. Jann never took the opportunity to learn chess while growing up; so she is taking the opportunity now in her “thirty-something” age to master it now along with her entire family. It’s been a great family activity! Jann also is the Chess Center’s web designer.